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SEO Services

Your website is one of your most valuable assets – it needs to look its best, perform its best, and needs to be found! As an Austin SEO company, we’re right in the middle of emerging technology which is super important in a world (SEO) that is ever changing. Google could change the rules tomorrow with no warning, and with Social Medium, you can be confident we’re agile enough to adjust on the fly.

There is a lot of techno-jargon out there like Google Penguin, XML, white hat links, sitemaps, … look, just leave it to us. We’ll take care of the technical stuff so you can enjoy all of the sales that come in as your site increases in search rankings. We don’t want to get too deep here, but we’ll offer a few of the bullet points of what we’ll be doing to work hard on your behalf…

austin seo services

Effectively targeting keywords takes a lot more than just putting popular words on a page. We research the most meaningful keywords and implement them using creative and technical methods. Social Medium knows how to get your site moving up in the rankings quickly.


This is where the technical jargon comes into play. We check and double check your website’s code for meta tags, title tags, alt tags, image names, H tags, keyword mapping, and more.


If you start hearing things like ‘the tricks and secrets to SEO’ – run! There are a lot of shady practices when it comes to building links to your site – practices that can actually get your site black-listed by Google. Link building isn’t dead, though, it’s actually quite important. That’s why we only follow the best white hat practices that are fully compliant with Google and other search engines.

We get your detailed business information out to 40+ sites! In addition to standard information like business name, address, phone number, and website; many of these sites allow for enhanced listings and include sections for business hours, photos, logo, descriptions, menus, deals/specials, and more! Wherever your customers are searching, we’ll help them find your business.


A Win-Win Approach

Affordable monthly rates. No long-term commitments. Amazing results. 

Many companies over promise and under deliver. They charge absurd amounts of money and ask for huge commitments. That’s just not how we work. We want happy customers and we want long-lasting relationships. Contact us today for a free consultation and we promise to steer you in the right direction…even if it’s not with us.