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Online Reputation Managment

what it means | what you get

What is Online Reputation Management and Why is it Important?

Businesses live and die by their reputation – that is, what people are saying about them. In today’s world, that reputation is largely shaped by what people are saying online. We’ve all heard of Yelp, right? Like it or not, 85% of consumers use the internet to find local businesses and Yelp is king of where people head to look them up. Yelp.com saw over 70 million unique visitors from January to March of 2012 and Yelpers wrote over 27 million local reviews in that time frame. Online reputation management is key!

Simply put, your online reputation is what people are saying on Yelp.
Yelp is something you have to pay attention to and do something about. This is what we recommend business owners do to leverage and manage their online reputation…


  • Read reviews! Know what people are saying and consider how you run your business accordingly.
  • Respond to all positive reviews quickly! If someone pays you a compliment, you say “thank you” – the same courtesy ought to apply online as it will only create more appreciation and loyalty in your customers.
  • Respond to all negative reviews quickly! This is an opportunity to get a second chance, to right a wrong, to get an extra star on the review, and to even get a loyal customer out of one who never thought they’d come back to see you.
  • Own your Yelp page and keep it alive!¬†Make sure it’s 100% complete, accurate, and optimized for search results.
  • Run deals! Give people a reason to check out your business.
  • Embrace, don’t resist! Encourage your visitors to check in and leave you feedback, it can only make you better at what you do.

What Does Social Medium Do For Me?

Knowing you ought to be active with your Yelp page and your Yelp reviewers probably isn’t big news, but the reality is that you either don’t have the time or your time is better spent doing more important things. Social Medium is here to help. We take the burden off your plate and handle it in a professional and effective manner.

  • Monthly review snapshots / “What are people saying that I need to know about?”
  • Respond to all positive reviews immediately.
  • Respond to all negative reviews immediately…and appropriately.
  • Build and optimize your Yelp business page.
  • Create deals on your page to entice newcomers.
  • Regularly update your page with relevant content/photos/etc.
  • Provide printed materials to promote your presence on Yelp.
  • All of this at a price you can afford!