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Passion for Local Business

Our love of people naturally leads us to a passion for local business. Spending locally…

  • Puts more money back into local economy¬†  For every $100 in customer spending at a national chain, the total local economic impact is only $13. The same amount spent with a local merchant yields $45, more than three times the local economic impact.
  • Encourages entrepreneurship
  • Supports sustainability
  • Can provide more local jobs and higher wages
  • Fosters a greater sense of community
  • More money is given away to non-profits¬†  Non-profit organizations receive an average 250% more support from smaller business owners than they do from large businesses.

Supporting local business impacts people!

Helping Local Thrive

Nearly all Social Media Marketing firms focus on big businesses or expensive ad campaign strategies. However, local businesses who are most successful in social media aren’t ones spending big money on advertising – instead, they leverage social media to build community and generate grassroots word of mouth. This model is Social Medium’s focus and we tailor our services to be most beneficial to local businesses – at a price they can afford.